We are general practitioners, following pets from their pediatric years to their geriatric years. As part of our conventional practice, we offer regular veterinary services, such as medicine and general surgery, dentistry, radiology/X-rays, immunization/vaccination and other preventive medicine. When a patient’s needs are better handled by a specialist or where specialized services are required, we refer to a variety of surgeons and internists.

For those who seek an “alternative” or “integrative medical” approach, we offer acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, therapeutic spinal manipulation, dietary/nutritional counseling (home prepared food), and laser therapy.

Much of alternative medicine is actually “complementary” to western medicine. We work with clients and patients who desire a mix of both areas and those that desire a strictly alternative approach. We also consult on cases referred to us by other veterinarians, taking care of the alternative side while the regular, primary care veterinarian takes care of the conventional care.

Many of our cases involve chronic and degenerative conditions where conventional therapy has been inadequate or ineffective or where the patient cannot tolerate conventional treatments or medications, and situations where we are trying to provide “quality of life” support and comfort to the patient in the final chapters of their life.