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Natural Ways to Treat Our Benicia Pets

Many pet owners are rightfully put off when they hear the words “natural treatment.” They tend to think of baseless and unscientific medical practices that tend to do more harm than good. However, there are effective natural ways to treat our Benicia pets. Natural can also refer to caring for your pet in a way that their body is more accustomed to biologically and avoiding harmful manufactured chemicals and additives!


Natural Foods

Your pets descended from animals that grew up in the harsh outdoors. Biologically, your pets were meant to eat more natural foods made with ingredients that were regularly found in the areas they lived. These days, your pet is fed food made in factories. While it's not necessarily bad, there is still some merit in feeding our Benicia pets natural food. The main thing you should keep an eye on are the ingredients and nutritional content. Avoid feeding your pet food that has any additives, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients. Research and experiment with natural foods to find what works best for your animal companion!

Natural Treats

Pet treats and chews are some of the biggest offenders regarding additives and preservatives in dog products. Not only are treats generally unhealthy for your dog, but they are also unnatural. They can cause skin and fur problems if given in excess. One natural way to treat our Benecia pets is to give them only natural treats and chews. Freeze-dried and dehydrated animal meat and organs are excellent choices for your pet. There are also tougher and more gamey meats that can serve as chew toys for your pet to enjoy!



Natural Vitamins

You may think that natural and lab-made vitamins work the same, but that’s simply not the case. Vitamins and supplements that were made using natural ingredients are much more efficiently and effectively absorbed by your pet's body. It’s just more used to processing these minerals as opposed to ones that were derived synthetically. It may not seem like a lot, but the better your pet can absorb its vitamins, the healthier it will feel and look!



We Can Treat Your Dog Right

Southampton Pet Hospital is a top-quality pet care provider that serves a wide variety of pets in the Benicia area. We believe in going above and beyond for our clients, and we offer services you can’t find anywhere else. Our staff and facility are well-equipped to provide both western and traditional eastern veterinary practices. Give us a call and find out everything we offer to you and your pet!


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