We find that Chinese herbal medicine goes hand in hand with acupuncture. If, for example, there is a deficiency in the spleen qi, we will put in needles to correct that imbalance, as well as prescribe herbs to correct the same balance in a different way.

Often that can speed the healing process, and sometimes allows us to do fewer acupuncture visits.

Chinese herbal therapy can be used for many different diseases and conditions, including pain management, allergies, and immune system problems. It has also proven to be useful with skin, digestive, and respiratory problems.

We make sure to stock only the highest quality of Chinese herbs available. The most common problem is diarrhea and that can be easily fixed by changing the dosage.

If you have any questions about Chinese Herbal Medicine and how it can help your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 707-745-1135.