At Southampton Pet Hospital, we are proud to be on the cutting edge of medical technology. The use of digital dental radiology is a powerful tool for veterinarians who provide pets with dental care.

Digital dental radiology gives us a view of the internal workings of your pet’s oral cavity that we otherwise could not see with the naked eye. It’s an important diagnostic tool that helps veterinarians detect and treat dental problems.

The use of digital dental radiology is safe and our staff is highly trained. It is our goal to provide your pet with the highest level of medical care possible, and this is just one of the many ways we achieve that. The radiographs are included in our dental package and are the only way we can see beyond the superficial surface of a pet’s teeth. Dental disease is often above the gum line, at the root level, and is only able to be seen with radiographs. Many pets suffer needlessly from pain in teeth that don’t look obviously diseased!