Sometimes we find that after the appropriate initial tests have been run, we have need for further tests. One of the additional tests that most of us are familiar with is the ultrasound. An ultrasound shows a 3 dimensional picture of the organ or body cavity being looked at. It also shows moving parts as well, such as the thickness of a heart wall or even a heart valve, and how it contracts. We can measure the thickness of the intestines, and see inside the gall bladder, kidneys, bladder, liver and other organs. Some conditions diagnosed are tumors, foreign bodies, and bladder stones.

While we do our own ultrasounds in our practice, we also call in specialists if needed. In this photo we see one of the specialists that comes to our clinic to do ultrasounds, diagnosing a diseased liver in a cat, who is not sedated, and perfectly comfortable in the foam trough. This ultrasound guided us to the appropriate treatment plan for the patient.