November 16, 2016

I love this place. I feel very comfortable with all of their friendly, knowledgeable and caring staff. Both Drs. Riddle and Olm are easy to talk to, compassionate about their work and overflowing with years of training and experience. I had been frustrated for years with conventional ‘western’ veterinary care……absolutely hated the over-use of steroids, anti-biotics, chemicals etc. Both Drs. are well educated and trained in eastern medicine as well as being trained in highly accredited American veterinary universities [Cornell University]. Over the years I’ve gone to Southampton, all of my dogs ( 4 ) have responded very well to the ‘herbal and alternative’ care Southampton offers. They experienced no bad side effects from any of the herbal ‘medicine’ and most often, the ailments were cleared-up in record time, with permanent results, NO re-occurrence! That means less visits and less $$!!