Thanks to our many clients who have given us feedback!!

When I got a new puppy, they told me how to teach her puppy manners and were the “dog whisperers” before Cesar Milan ever came to the United States. I love them, and consider them my friends and an advocate for my pet. I cannot imagine them being anything but the best vet team in California – or anywhere for that matter.
Cindy S.

Dr. Olm treated Roscoe several times. Roscoe is not fond of going to the vet, nor does he like having his feet touched. Dr. Olm spoke to Roscoe in a low and soothing voice and really got his trust. After just three treatments Roscoe stopped limping and favoring his leg, and he started playing like a pup again! (He is 7 1/2 years old). I want to stress that AT NO TIME did Dr. Olm try to sell any products, sway me towards the BARF diet (although we did discuss it as I wanted more information). My other Shepherd, Ripley, has some back issues that will be addressed soon by Dr. Riddle, and I expect the same competent care with her.
Sharon M.

Dr. Riddle has been my vet for several years now and I couldn’t be more pleased. As a doctor myself I can be very picky when it comes to finding care for those close to me (dogs included) and Dr. Riddle has never disappointed. She is thorough, comprehensive and really knows her stuff. The fact that she is an advocate of raw food, acupuncture and natural medicine is also a plus.
Jenny S.

Dr. Olm takes his time, explains everything in detail and does not promote any personal products only recommendations that would be better for the life of your pet. I have never felt pressured in anyway about anything and quite the contrary I appreciate their genuine concern for animals and I love that they seek holistic alternatives other than the automatic pill prescriptions. I would highly recommend Southampton Pet Hospital and my dog loves going there too no nervousness or anxiety about seeing her vet.
Fran W.

When I lived in Benicia, I came in with my Golden Retriever and was greeted at the front desk by a cheerful and perky receptionist. I was taken into the first exam room where I was greeted by the obvious animal lover, Dr. Riddle. After an hour of talking to me about all the things I can do to help my dog who had an ear infection, and just other things to help him be happy and comfy, I left the place with a grin on my face, and a very happy Golden Retriever. I definitely recommend the Southampton Pet Hospital, it is well worth the money with great employees and doctors. I came twice a year for check-ups for 9 years.
Frank B.

I love this place. I feel very comfortable with all of their friendly, knowledgeable and caring staff. Both Drs. Riddle and Olm are easy to talk to, compassionate about their work and overflowing with years of training and experience. I had been frustrated for years with conventional ‘western’ veterinary care……absolutely hated the over-use of steroids, anti-biotics, chemicals etc. Both Drs. are well educated and trained in eastern medicine as well as being trained in highly accredited American veterinary universities [Cornell University]. Over the years I’ve gone to Southampton, all of my dogs ( 4 ) have responded very well to the ‘herbal and alternative’ care Southampton offers. They experienced no bad side effects from any of the herbal ‘medicine’ and most often, the ailments were cleared-up in record time, with permanent results, NO re-occurrence! That means less visits and less $$!!